Want to Cut Energy Costs in Flint Twp, MI?

Want to Cut Energy Costs in Flint Twp, MI?

Upgrade your home with a smart electrical panel

All the appliances and fixtures in your home have different electrical requirements. Traditional electrical panels manage these different inefficiently. But a smart electrical panel can give you precise control options. You can see exactly where your home's energy is going and even turn off circuits from your phone.

Hanley Electric helps homeowners throughout Flint, Twp, MI by installing smart electrical panels. Learn how you can use energy more efficiently and reduce your overall consumption by calling us now.

Imagine what your smart home system could look like

Make your home easier to manage than ever when you upgrade to smart fixtures. Many of our smart home systems include:

  • Smart landscape lighting: Save money and stay safer – at home and while away – with motion-detecting landscape lighting.
  • Smart interior lighting: Get the right lighting for any situation with a swipe on your phone when you upgrade to smart lighting.
  • Smart outlets: Don’t have smart appliances? Just get a smart outlet and turn it on and off from your phone.

Design your custom smart home system by calling Hanley Electric today.