Do You Lose Power Often?

Do You Lose Power Often?

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Losing power can be inconvenient. In some circumstances, it can also be devastating. That's why you should always have a backup power source. Hanley Electric provides home generator services for those in and around Flint Twp, MI. Whether you have already ordered a generator or need us to order one for you, we'll get it installed in no time.

Once we install your generator, we'll test the connections and fuel source to ensure it runs correctly. You can find out more about our generator installation services by calling 810-422-9917 today.

What to expect when we visit

Our electrician always installs generators properly. That way you can be confident that you have a reliable source of backup power. Our generator installation process includes:

  • Assessing your power requirements
  • Connecting the wiring to the generator and transfer switch making a turn key installation
  • Testing the generator for efficiency and reliability

You can also rely on us for ongoing maintenance. Book our home generator services when you get in touch with us now.